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No Parabens

No Phthalates

No Mineral Oil


No Formaldehyde

No Petroleum

Many hair products nowadays are filled with chemicals that don't actually help you. Quality should never be a compromise. No matter what hair care product you're looking for, we guarantee reliability. Our goal is to provide products you can trust. 

Our Promise  Safe and Uncompromising Beauty 

 No Parabens -No Phthalates -

No Mineral Oil -No DEA- 

  No Formaldehyde  - No Petroleum-No sulfates

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The return to nature must be a personal choice, because it is a way of life, an analogy peculiar to the black woman, a personal and spiritual discovery. It is also one of the many ways of valuing what the black woman is. Being natural is an enhancement of our heritage and our identity. The natural hair is not a mode, a movement, but an integral part of the women descending from Africa.  My natural hair literally saved my life. They allowed me to find my place in this two-speed company. If you think about becoming natural again, ask yourself the right questions. Because when we do a few things for ourselves, we tend to go to the end, despite the stakes.   

 Florestal Margarie.   Founder and CEO of origine de la Beauté Naturelle

100% Satisfaction


We care about our customers, and we want you to be completely happy with your experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or our services, get in touch! We are excited to help you on your way to healthy hair regimen

Nous nous soucions de nos clients et nous souhaitons que vous soyez complètement satisfait de votre expérience. Si vous avez des questions sur nous, nos produits ou nos services, contactez-nous! Nous sommes ravis de vous aider à adopter un régime capillaire sain. cheveux naturels produits de beauté cheveux crépus


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